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Can Reiki Assist Your Veterinary Practice?

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive, complementary or integrative practice that promotes healing, as well as overall health and well-being. 

Reiki supports the body’s own ability to heal

Reiki is non-invasive and stress free

Reiki heals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, treaing the whole being.

Demonstrated Benefits of Reiki

Veterinary Reiki is Medical Reiki(TM) and is  the practice of Reiki in the hospital setting, pre-surgery, during surgery and post-surgery. Medical Reiki (TM) founder, Raven Keyes, started Reiki in the operating room with Dr. Mamet Oz in 2000.

Reduces Pain & Inflammation

For chronic pain, post surgical pain, and pain from injuries (reduces the need for medication).

Reduces Anxiety

Allowing the animal to relax in the veterinary setting, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis. 

Maintains Health/Prevention

Improves overall health and balance, preventing disease. 

Improves Well Being of Staff

Reiki improves the well being of veterinary staff. The American Holistic Nursing Association has demonstrated that Reiki trained nurses have more focus on their patients, as well as less stress and improved health themselves.

Reiki in Veterinary Practice

Reiki in the veterinary setting can reduce anxiety during routine exams, anxiety and pain during procedures and surgery, and chronic pain in animal companions; as well as improve the overall well-being of patients and veterinary staff.

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Reiki  for Surgery

Pre-surgery, a Reiki Practitioner shares Reiki with the patient when s/he arrives at the hospital, balancing his/her energy, and reducing anxiety. The Reiki Practitioner may also sit with the family, offering them peace and calming and to reduce their anxiety. 

During surgery, a Reiki Practitioner is in the operating room during the surgery, sharing Reiki throughout the surgery. Reiki has an effect on the patient, as well as the veterinary staff, ensuring the surgery goes smoothly. 


Post-surgery, a Reiki Practitioner shares Reiki with the patient during post-op and often throughout the patient's recovery process. Immediately post-surgery, Reiki is offered while the patient is in recovery and may continue until they are settled into their room. Additionally, Reiki may be offered at various intervals during the recovery process either in person or via distance - daily, weekly, or as needed to aid in a quicker recovery process. 

Reki during surgery has many advantages and may:

Maintain blood pressure during surgery

Reduce bleeding during surgery

Reduce pain medication and anesthesia

Speed recovery times

Reduce surgery times

Veterinary Reiki Resources

Reiki as Complimentary Care in Veterinary Practice

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Animal Reiki Research: Implications for Practice

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Vets on Reiki: The Power of Animal Reiki Healing

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Center for Reiki Research

Veterinary Reiki Training

The Animal Reiki Alliance offers Veterinary Reiki Classes that includes the standard Reiki training and in addition, includes the research, the science behind how Reiki works, and how to incorporate Reiki into the veterinary setting. 

Upcoming Veterinary Reiki Courses

Veterinary Reiki Level I

October 26, 2019

Baltimore, MD

Veterinary Reiki Level II

October 27, 2019

Baltimore, MD

Custom Classes at Veterinary Hospitals

We can customize classes for your veterinary hospital or clinic. 

Classes at Veterinary Schools

We teach at several veterinary schools in the US and abroad, contact us to setup a course for you. 

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Veterinary Reiki Flyer


I firmly believe that every veterinary practice needs to have at least one, if not all of its staff trained in Reiki. I believe that Reiki is  the most effective, 100% safe healing approach they can utilize at a moment’s notice and can heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.”


- Dr. Christina Chambreau, Healthy Animals

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