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Reiki During Large Tumor Removal Surgery

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Case: Buddy

Age: 13

Diagnosis: large tumor on chest

Gender: Female

Size: Large - 75lbs

Color: Black

Species: Canine

Buddy was adopted from the shelter with this tumor and the reason it is being removed a such a late stage. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Bishop revealed that because the size of the tumor, it’s location and Buddy’s age, this surgery was risky, but also necessary for quality of life.

I arrived at the veterinary hospital and Buddy was already on the table, intubated and prepped for surgery. Dr. Pooya was the orthopedic surgeon in charge of the surgery, with Dr. Bishop assisting along with two vet technicians. Due to all the equipment and bodies, I opted to bring a chair to sit just outside the open door to the surgery suite where I could see most of what was going on and was out of the way of the team. I donned a cap and mask and set to work.

I immediately connected with Buddy and shared Reiki with her directly and sat in that space for the first several minutes. I shared the beautiful loving energy with the pure intent for her highest and best outcome.

Once I felt that Buddy was energetically calm and we were connected, I then expanded Reiki into the room, so that everyone was part of the Reiki session. I could feel the energy of the team working together and the surgeon directing – it was much like a conductor and an orchestra. I held that space for quite a while as the surgeon cut into Buddy and began to cut the massive tumor out, taking care to miss blood vessels and cauterize flesh as he went to prevent significant bleeding.

During the approximately half hour of cutting around the tumor, I shifted my focus to just Buddy and then back to the full team, alternating between the two. When the tumor was almost out, I focused on Buddy and releasing the tumor from her body and ridding herself of it in its entirety, asking her to let it go on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Once the tumor was successfully out, it weighed in at 3.5lbs. Both veterinarians were impressed with its size – it had to be 2 feet long by 1 ½ feet wide – it was huge.

With the tumor out, now the work was to put Buddy back together again, cutting skin and working around muscle to sew her back together. I then reverted to alternating Reiki between just Buddy and to the whole team.

All in all it seemed to be a successful surgery and no major complications. Everyone was pleased with the outcome.

Once the surgeons left the room, I went in and shared Reiki with just Buddy, offering healing to her incision and holding her as the breathing tube was removed and she began to wake up. I had a few moments where I could just hold her and offer her Reiki as she came to. Her body temperature was a bit low, so we added a heating pad to help bring her back to normal temperature. I continued offering Reiki. When she seemed stable, I left the veterinary hospital and checked in on Buddy later in the day. All was well, and her body temperature was up and both vets were very pleased. I offered two sessions for Buddy post surgery to provide support to her older body as it heals.

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